About Liberty Real Estate Services

Located in Hinesville, Liberty Real Estate Services is Georgia's #1 full-service property management company.

We have been managing single-family homes, multi-family complexes, apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, duplexes, multi-plexes and commercial properties since 1996.

We can help you manage your investment property in the following areas: Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Midway, Ludowici, Fleming, Allenhurst, Walthourville, Sunbury, Gumbranch, Glennville and Richmond Hill.

When you work with us, you can say goodbye to property-related stress as we will handle all your duties for you! You'll no longer have to deal with chasing tenant rent payments, conducting maintenance or marketing your vacant rental home.

We will do it all – and we'll do it well, of course!

Our property managers are highly trained and experienced. We have the knowledge and expertise to maximize your ROI and minimize your stress.

Why Choose Us

There are many property management companies around the state, but we are confident that you won't find one like Liberty Real Estate Services!

Our property management company is dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate investment goals.

Property owners and real estate investors in Georgia trust us with their real estate investments because of our years of experience in the industry, as well as our commitment to ensuring we provide the best, most efficient services.

One way we provide excellent services is by using modern technology. This helps us to enhance our productivity.

Our property management services are top-notch and conducted by only the best property managers in the industry.

Let us handle all your property management needs. Give us a call today at (912) 877-6600.

Our Roots

American values and multicultural roots are what our foundation is built on. In 1977, our owners were an enlisted military couple who wanted to be able to provide for their family and attain the American Dream. As they traveled with orders, their focus was steadfast and through hard work, experience, and education they found an overwhelming desire to help families find housing. In 1984, they were finally able to begin a business that would focus on the customer, something that they found lacking amongst the service industries in military towns. The final product was efficient, effective, and excellent. It is now known as Liberty Real Estate Services.

Tech Savvy

During the late 80’s, technology began expanding and one of our owners were already learning code and developing programs. From typing Basic Language commands into a Commadore 64 to building a Personal Computer and programming Fort Stewarts first Bulliten Board Service (BBS), he was constantly on top of the most current tech trends. He introduced the use of websites and emails in the real estate industry for the Hinesville area. Today, we use the best online marketing and online programs to give the most opportunities to our clients.

The Collective

Liberty Real Estate Services provides a sound property management system backed by over 35 years experience and recognizes the real source of its success: the customer and our community. Our system involves two main sub systems: The People System and The Tech System. Technology may enhance our systems productivity and efficiency, but people are what give it heart and soul. Our staff and management welcomes the opportunity to wow you!

Our Services

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Assisting in building wealth with real estate through rental opportunities and financial reports

HOME SEARCH & MOVE IN: Matching tenants with homes with features and prices they want

TENANT PROSPECTING & SCREENING: Marketing, Communicating, and vetting tenants

ONLINE PYMTS & DIRECT DEPOSITS: 24/7 pay system for client flexibility

RENTAL PRICE ANALYSIS: A comprehensive market analysis service

RENT VS BUY & SELL OR RENT CONSULT: No fee, No pressure, private, and customized consultation with a licensed executive