Tenant Services

Our Rental Process

LRES_LogoTenant Portal

Service at your fingertips 24/7 via your online portal:

  • All documents can be e-signed.
  • Instant message property managers.
  • View your ledger, lease, account info any time and print at your leisure.
  • Submit New Work Orders online.
  • Get updates on current work orders.
  • Pay using e-check, credit card, or RentCheck (pay at any Wal-mart or Kroger).
  • Security Deposit Refunds can be direct deposited into your account.
  • Move-In, Move-Out, and Walk though Inspections completed via phone and receive instant copy in your email.
  • Tenant Insurance that covers $10,000 in personal property available through this online system at only $25 per month! Option to use your own insurance

Not technology savvy? Want to talk to a real person? No problem! All services are available in person during normal business hours.

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