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Renting your property can be a stressful and risky ordeal. Our highly Owner Portaltrained and experienced staff included state licensed property managers, who know how to minimize the risk. We give specific advice to our clients that will help them build wealth with real estate rentals. New to renting out your property? Call for a hassle-free, private rental ownership session that will help you decide if renting out your property is financially sound.

Service at your fingertips 24/7 via your online portal:

  • All documents can be e-signed.
  • Instant message property managers.
  • Rent collections, maintenance management with licensed professionals in all fields of construction, financial management, marketing management.
  • Prospect application system with AI scoring that helps to determine tenant ability and rental history. This includes credit check, rental history reputation, income to rent ratio, job stability, and employment stability.
  • Automatic alerts for rent paid, work orders submitted, funds deposited, tenant notices, and inspection requests.
  • Easy account access to see status of property, ledger, & account any time and print at your leisure.
  • Get updates on current work orders.
  • Direct Deposit for quick delivery your owner funds.
  • Monthly and End of Year Reporting of all expenses and Financial Statements for your tax reporting, tax deductions, or bank and insurance assessments.

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Not technology savvy? Want to talk to a real person?  No problem! All services are available in person during normal business hours.